Dogs, kittens, hamsters, bunnies and other cute, fluffy animals. Who doesn’t like them? Probably only psychopaths. They are nice and warm and they love us. And we – the animal lovers, want to provide them with the best food and toys and everything. But in Japan it has gone a lot too far!

“Oh! Kitten! Let’s take a picture of him.” Do you think he liked us?

Half of all homes in Japan have a pet, and the Japanese pet industry generates sales of over 1 trillion yen per year. Pet dogs and cats alone in Japan number 21 million, far surpassing the number of Japanese children. They are often treated like children, they receive the best bites, go to school, and pet owners organize them birthday at a restaurant. Children love stag beetles, which have been popular pets since the 1980s. Rabbits are often kept by women living alone because they are quiet and easy to maintain. You can also take them for walks. The most popular animals are dogs that have long been a part of life in Japan. Some pet dogs in Japan work for the police and search and rescue operations.

“Who is a beautiful doggy?” “Who is a goood boy?” “Yes, goood boy.” Shiba Inu is in the photo.
Oh, and in the background there is some mountain.

Animal industry has developed rapidly in the last ten years. Pet foods are available in many different and special formulas. They are intended for every stage of animal life, from puppies and kittens to older dogs and cats, food for animals with allergies or overweight. There is a greater variety in dog and cat food than in baby foods. There is also a large selection of clothes. Nowadays it is common to dress dogs. There are outfits for every season, raincoats for the rainy season and dresses for the hot summer. Some restaurants not only allow owners to take their pets with them, but they can also buy special dishes for dogs or cats. They can choose from a special animal menu. It is equally common to celebrate pets birthdays. This is very much like the children birthdays. Other animals are invited and a birthday cake is ordered. Of course, it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Birthday cakes for animals are made with much greater care than cakes intended for people.

“Who is beautiful, lovely dog? Sweet pretty doggie”
And in the background, the same mountain again.

There are over 650 dog runs in Japan. This is a place where the dog can get off the leash because it is usually not done in public places. On the dug runs they can play freely with other dogs. Many owners take the training of their pets very seriously. A dog living among people must learn basic principles and manners. There are dogs kindergartens using by families who don’t have someone to stay at home with their pet during the day. The dogs spend the day there, they are looked after and fed, and also they are training. Dog trainers teach them proper behavior. Animals are allocated to appropriate training classes based on factors such as health and personality. A year of study in a dog kindergartens costs over one million yen. That’s four times more than the cost of sending a child to a public Japanese kindergarten.

Yes, dogs in Japan are often taking for a walk in baby carriage. Hmmm, I wonder if the owners also bring them to kindergarten in this way. They meet next to kindergarten and have a small talk: “Oh, Takashi, how big you are. He are growing up so fast”, “Yes, Mayumi, yeah he’s a big boy already, but he don’t want to eat lately” “And my Osamu made a green poo today. ”

Dog owners want their pets to be accepted in society. That is why they make every effort to prove that both of them, owners and their dogs behave in the right way. As I have already mentioned, it is not allowed to put a dog off a leash in a public place. Dogs should pee on a special absorbent sheet. If that, for some reason failed, the owners pour water from the bottle to rinse everything. This water is also useful when the dog is thirsty, so the owners always have it with them. Doggie poo is packed into special bags that should be taken home and rinsed in the toilet. Thanks to this, there is no fear that you will fall into a shi*t.

I have different thoughts about this whole pets business. I really like that everyone cares about cleanliness, they wash off pee and poo, but diapers? Seriously? In winter, some clothes for little dogs are understandable, but I saw a dog in denim shorts that could be easily put on a child. And everywhere, they drive dogs in baby carriages, instead of letting them walk, smell the grass and catch the ants. That’s how crazy the Japanese are about their pets.

Cat temple, everyone can come here to make offerings to their cats kings.

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