Mount Fuji is Japan tallest peak and world heritage site. It’s a place of worship, home to a deity and it holds a special place in Japanese hearts and culture. Every year almost 300,000 people climb on Mt. Fuji. They don’t need any special equipment because the slops of the mountain are quite gentle. Mount Fuji changes from season to season and from day to day, but not always you are allowed to see it. It’s often enveloped by clouds. Fuji shows his face only to lucky ones. The biggest chance to see it is from December to late April.

Mount Fuji is an active volcano and not part of any mountain range. That’s why it looks so powerful when towers alone over Japan. It’s a source of clean, spring water and you can find magnificent waterfall and clear lakes around Mt. Fuji. There are at least 200 of underground caves created by past eruptions. Mt. Fuji groundwater comes down in some of caves and freezes, creating entirely natural ice columns.

Mt. Fuji is Japanese mountain of faith. It has been an object worship since ancient times, hailed as a sacred place. In the past, Mt. Fuji was erupted all the time, people feared it, so they built the shrines to calm down its anger and stop the eruptions. The shrines dedicated to the gods of Mt. Fuji are placed all over Japan, so every one is able to worship.

Since ancient times, Mt. Fuji has inspired artists in Japan. The most popular are Hokusai and Hiroshige, they depicted the mountain from many different viewpoints and their paintings become famous all over the world. But you can also see Mt. Fuji in the impressionist paintings of Monet or Van Gogh.

Woodblock print by Hokusai Katsushika 1760-1849 Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji

You can see Mt. Fuji from many difference places in Japan. The farthest spot is in Wakayama Prefecture, almost 323 kilometers away. In Tokyo, you can see it from skyscrapers: SkyTree’s observation deck or Roppongi Hills. Some of the views of Fuji have become very famous and people from all around the world come to Japan to see it. The most special view is Diamond Fuji. The moment when Sun touches the summit of Mt. Fuji, and brightens it. You should see it yourself!

This is live view from camera in Shizuoka, so you can watch Mt. Fuji 24/7  ;):

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