Until now, I have told you about popular places in Japan, which are the symbols of this country, and maybe even an element of pop culture. Even if you have never been in Japan, you probably know the landscape of Mount Fuji, the bamboo forest in Arashiyama or the Fushimi Inari Temple. However, this is only a small part of the beautiful places that can be seen in this country. Most of them still remain undiscovered, at least among foreign tourists. Today I would like to show you one of these places, and tell how you can become rich! I hope that you will remember about it when, thanks to me, you will become millionaires.

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Golden Torii in Mikane Shrine. In the background there is a gingko tree, reviving after winter and on the right side Ema with intentions.

The Mikane Shrine is located in Kyoto, near the Nijo Castle. It is located in a residential area, so it’s not so easy to find it. Firstly, you see Torii – gate, which you can find in every Shintoist shrine. However, it stands out from the others, because it’s golden Torii. And although it is not real gold, going under it and offering gifts in the Shrine can make you rich. It is home to the god of wealth and gold – Kanayamahiko no Mikoto. Mikane Shrine is also a home to two other deities – Amaterasu Omikami and Tsukuyomi no Kami. Originally, they were mine and minerals’ guardians. People came to the shrine to sacrifice objects and tools made of metals and minerals. Thanks to this, tools became reliable, so everyone came to the Mikane Shrine, from farmers to samurai. At that time money was also made of precious metals, so the shrine became a place where people began to pray for improvement of the financial situation. To this time, people are praying in Mikane Shrine to win the lottery, be financially successful in business or get a pay rise at work.

Originally, the Torii gate was made of wood, like the main hall in the shrine, which was built in 1883. However, it broke down during one of the typhoons, and the new Torii was made of iron, which in 2006 was painted gold. At the backyard there is a sacred tree – ginkgo, whose falling leaves have supposedly miraculous power, which is why you can buy wooden plaques Ema in the shape of a ginkgo leaf in the Mikane Shrine. You should write your prayers and wishes on it, and then put it in the right place in the shrine, so that they reach the deities. There are also coin-shaped or wallet shaped amulets that you should always have with you.

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Chozuya – small pavilion with purifying water has a little different purpose in Mikane Shrine than the chozuya that are found in other Shintoist shrines. They are used to purify the body and soul before prayer, and in Mikane it is also necessary to purify the coins, which are then offering to the deities. You can submit your prayers and wishes at any time of the day or night, because the shrine is open 24 hours a day. Although shrine is more and more popular, it is still very likely that you will be quite alone in it. When we visited shrine in the late afternoon, there was not even a monk or other person who would watch over this place and supervise the sale of amulets and Ema plaques. There was a full self-service, so we could pick our amulets and then placed the payment in a dedicated box.

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I know what you are thinking: “finish this boring story and tell us about money?!” You probably wonder if I became a billionaire thanks to the Mikane deities. I will not keep you in suspense any more. Well… No. Not yet. Maybe it’s because I didn’t buy an amulet wallet and I didn’t put a ginkgo leaf in it, or maybe the deities decided that it is not the right moment yet. I still have hope, because in the shrine you can find a lot of evidence of lottery winnings left by the lucky ones, whose requests have been met. But if it is necessary, I will go there one more time and ask where are my money?! If you decide to visit the Mikane Shrine yourself, then let me know if gods have helped you to get rich. And remember that you know about them from me!

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